Greetings from Treetop Village

The Board is pleased to report the ongoing progress within our esteemed timeshare community. We are diligently collecting construction loan payback special assessments to fund the upcoming Timeshare Renovation Project. This pivotal effort is a vital step towards our goal of renovating Treetop Village timeshare units.

One of our private owners recently renovated their two-bedroom Treetop Village home. Have a look at this beautiful unit on the water and imagine the exciting prospects!

Renovated Treetop Village timeshare units will not have the copper ceiling or the exact furniture and configuration seen in this owner’s home. We will stay with the rustic lodge look. But by viewing this renovated home, you can imagine the beauty and comfort of your future Treetop Village vacation home.

Treetop Village is one of the most unique boutique vacation resort communities on Lake of the Ozarks. Located on Horseshoe Bend in the Village of Four Seasons, our waterfront property boasts one of the most desirable areas of the Lake. Our 25-acre lushly wooded community surrounding no-wake Treetop Cove offers enchantment that the best memories are made of. After renovations, vacations will be much more enjoyable and property values are sure to increase.

Based on our current cash position and anticipated loan payback special assessment collections in January 2024, the Board expects renovations to begin in early 2024.

Entering the living room from the outside door. Notice that the downstairs spiral staircase that takes up prime living space and crowds the kitchen sink has been removed. The staircase has been moved to the wall on the left as you enter the home. This creates a much upgraded look that efficiently uses the available living room and kitchen space.

A better view of the new downstairs staircase replacing the spiral staircase.

A view walking into the living room looking back at the kitchen area.

Again, notice how much more spacious the kitchen area is without the spiral staircase.

The redesigned first floor master bedroom.

Upgraded bathroom and showers.

Entry to the downstairs bathroom.

More of the downstairs bathroom.

Another bathroom upgrade.

Notice the relocated downstairs stairway entering the lower bedroom. A bunk bed style configuration allows for sleeping two on top and one on the bottom.

Another view of the downstairs bedroom looking toward the bathroom.

A view of the wet bar.